The Technical College of Electronics and Telecommunications “Gheorghe Marzescu” Iasi, Romania

The College was established at 1-09-2013 by merging "Gheorghe Marzescu" Secondary School Iasi, a school with a tradition since 1926, with the Technical College of Electronics and Telecommunications established in 1973, with a total number of 668 students and 52 employees.

College has 2 buildings: Building A-the high school and Building B-primary and secondary levels. The school is situated in a working-class neighbourhood. The students in our school come from families with precarious financial situation, many of them come from rural areas and, in the primary and secondary school there are 25% Roma pupils, 25% of the pupils being with intellectual disabilities included in mainstream education.

We are a school with a tradition of vocational and technical education in IASI, our city. The school became operational in 1973 under the patronage of the "Tehnoton" factory. Since then, generations of young people have been educated to become highly qualified professionals in the fields of electronics, automation, electrical engineering, computer and telecommunications, working in companies in Iasi and in other cities of the country.

Qualifications obtained by the graduates of our school are: telecommunications technician, technician in automation, IT technician, automotive electronics electrician, telecommunications technician, network infrastructure technician, text/image processing operator, local networks and telecommunications administrator.

The two post-high school classes have the following profiles: infrastructure technician for telecommunications networks and local networks and communications manager.

Our school provides quality education that not only increases the chances of graduates on the labor market, but also offers them the opportunity to continue their studies at universities in the country or abroad.

At the high school level, some school projects developed by the students are: "Responsible for the Future" supported by the Foundation Center Education 2000+, under the Partnership for Education funded by the Soros Foundation Romania through the Emergency Fund, "Steps towards knowledge" the County Symposium "Science and passion", the contests "Reading the great classics," "Scientific kaleidoscope", the Geography County Contest "Grigore Cobalcescu. We participated in Comenius Multilateral Partnership Programme in 2002 (Adolescents and leisure), Leonardo da Vinci Programme 2006 (From workers to specialists in telecommunications), Youth in Action Programme (Living Youth -2006).

Our school has been ECDL authorized for students and teachers since 2004 and by CISCO Academy since 2007, having thus international recognition of the high quality offered in the operation of computers and computer networks. In 2006 it became a center for distance learning support, along with several other schools in the country.

In October 2014 we held in our College the International Symposium "Interactive methods and best practices in dropout prevention in European Schools", involving directly or indirectly teachers in Spain, France, Luxembourg, China, BelgiumGreece, Finland, Moldova and Romania.

Activities that are carried out with European funds: "The internships - Opportunity for student transition from school to work" HRD / 161 / 2.1 / G / 141,626 . Our college has teaching engineers and foremen instructors who are specialists in electronics, telecommunications, electrical installations, IT, and we are practice partners for students: SC Nera Computers SRL, SC Tehnoton, SC Petroliv SRL.