5th evening vocational school, Thessaloniki, Greece

Our school is a vocational evening school and it is located at the west entrance of Thessaloniki city, close to the industrial area and the port of the city. It has 180 students and 25 teachers. Students come from diverse social and demographic contexts, they come from rural and urban areas and a percentage of them are immigrants or people that have left school when they were younger and now are getting back to finish it.

Upon finishing school, some of them are successfully entering to Technical Institutes and continue their studies.

Our students are adults and are either working or unemployed. The specialties in our school, include:





Food Technology

Assistant nursing

Assistant baby nursing

Assistant pharmacist

Assistant dentist

Assistant physiotherapist

Every year our school, apart lessons, implements educational programs that concern environmental education, cultural subjects, health care projects and theatrical plays so that various skills and knowledge of our the students can be cultivated and enriched.