Agrupamento de Escolas de Mangualde

The Mangualde Schools Group was established in 2010 and is the junction of two groups of schools and a secondary school.

The educational offer is diverse: pre-school, primary and secondary education.

The network of pre-school education covers the entire county and offers, with remarkable adhesion and successful, the component family support, which translates in offering framing services for children before and after school activities, in addition to lunch . Sign up, however, that some educational establishments have a low number of enrolled children. Early intervention is aimed at children up to school age who are at risk of developmental delay, manifest disabilities or special educational needs.

The 1st cycle of basic education reflects the reorganization of the school system made in recent years. Most of the existing class consists of students from one grade. All schools implement school full time with the offer of lunch and extension and curriculum enrichment activities services. Alongside the underlying curriculum design to regular education, the 2nd and 3rd cycles are tinted with articulated teaching of music in all the years of schooling. In addition, in the 3rd cycle are organized vocational nature courses.

In secondary education, there are general courses of scientific secondary education - humanistic areas of science and technology, visual arts, languages ​​and humanities and economic-sciences, together, register, a diversified group and significantly attended professional courses Level 3.

In special education, there are structured teaching units for students with autism spectrum disorders and expert support to education for students with multiple disabilities and deaf congenital blindness.

The school sports club is to cross several years of schooling and is linked to the activities of the Physical Education and the area of ​​Physical and Motor Expression in the 1st cycle.

Psychology services and school guidance that operate in the following aspects: psychological and psycho-pedagogical support and educational and vocational guidance, along with supporting the development of the relations of the educational community system.

Presentation used at the 1st meeting