Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "M.Pagano" Liceo Artistico"G.Manzù" Campobasso - Italy

The school Liceo Artistico" G.Manzu ' "is located in Via Scardocchia in Campobasso. It has been on the territory for 40 years combining artistic practice with the knowledge and the study of different subjects, such as history, Italian and foreign literature, philosophy, science, history of Art, foreign language, maths, chemistry. The school mission is looking for an appropriate global preparation suitable to the "challenge of complexity" that characterizes the present time. Moreover the School focuses on those specific training skills that might help students, during their education, to have a wide perspective of the world and then, through their application and cultural growth, think over their artistic and civil fulfillment, in the awareness that: "art is nothing without the study, and nothing is the study without art" [Protagoras] ". The School offers two courses of study: Visual Arts and Architecture and Environment. The duration of each course is 5 years divided into a basic compulsory two-years period and a three-years period.

The course of Visual Arts is designed to lead students to master graphics and moulding techniques, to manage the design process of painting and three-dimensional works, from the research of a subject to its realization in scale or from life. Moving from preliminary sketches or moulding sketches, students would be able to master the "exhibition" techniques: following different steps from identification, sampling to the preparation of materials and polychromy, in a coordination of the production times through the synergistic relationship between the analysis of the artistic subject and practice skills in the laboratory.

The course of Architecture and Environment will lead students to understand and manage, on their own, the planning and operational processes related to architecture and the environment. The aim is to identify and analyze, inside the production process, the aesthetic, conceptual, expressive and communicative aspects of the architectural research. Students will be able to master the graphic, geometrical and composing techniques, from the study of the topic to the realization in scale, starting from preliminary sketches and going on with technical drawings, three-dimensional works till finding suitable techniques of exhibition, in a synergy of work between theory and laboratory practice. Since its institution, the school has been involved in several projects and competitions, always bringing remarkable results. Participation in extracurricular activities is a key point for the students since they are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills in order to solve real life problems.